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What is the Best Way For You to Work With Us and

Join the Ranks of Published Book Authors?

Publishing a book is one of the greatest accomplishments a person can achieve and it can often result in amazing opportunities: you gain instant “expert” status, can attract speaking engagements or even build a business around your book. But many aspiring authors don’t know where to begin. We’ve designed our programs to give you exactly the level of support and knowledge you’re looking for.


Private Book Coaching (Month-to-Month)

I regularly aside time on my schedule for a handful of writers whom I will work with privately to bring their books to completion. I designed this program to give you valuable input plus the motivation to get work done from week to week. Since this is a private program, your book can be a novel or non-fiction.

When you become a private client you will receive:

  • TWO-THREE 45-minute phone calls with Sophfronia each month.
  • Unlimited emails you can use to get your questions answered as they come up.
  • Manuscript review. Sophfronia will read and comment on your work as needed.
  • Editing Assistance. Sophfronia can make or suggest changes in the text as requested.
  • Strategy Consultations. Sophfronia can help you decide how to publish your book and devise a strategy for its success.

If you’re interested in this program, email us at to schedule a session.

Book Writing Services

Hands Typing at a ComputerIf you have neither the time nor the inclination to write your own book, we can easily do that for you. Creating a book that has bestseller potential and will serve as a marketing magnet for your business begins with focusing your ideas into a process your audience will want and need. Here’s what our book writing program will do for you:

1. Get Clear On Your Message

      We will examine your business and any materials you may have already created to ascertain the message you are communicating to your audience and whether it is indeed the one you intend to communicate. If it’s not we will help you with clarifying and focusing on that message.

2. Target Your Audience and Solve a Problem

    We will decide, if you have not already done so, who you wish to target with your book and what would be the best way to reach them. We’ll also discuss what their biggest problem is and how it affects their lives.

3. How Do You Solve Their Problem? (Your Processes)
Here we will break out the exact steps you use to solve the problem your client or customer is struggling with. You may have done this before, but we find that while many businesses have processes, they’ve never written them down in a specific-step-by-step format.

4. Develop a Detailed Book Outline and Table of Contents
We will then use your step-by-step process to develop a detailed outline and table of contents for your book. This is also where we will make a list of anecdotes, either personal or those of your clients, to use in the book showing your experience in working with the issues being discussed. We will strategize on the calls to action to be placed throughout the book that will drive the reader to contact you or go to your website.

5. The Interview Process
Once we have the contents of your book thoroughly planned, one of our editors will then conduct a detailed interview with you, talking you through each point in the book. You will essentially be speaking all the things you would say if you were writing the book. Depending on the length of the book, expect this to take 2-3 days. The entire interview will be recorded.

6. The Transcription Process
The recordings will then be turned over to our team of transcribers who will prepare a written file of your interview.

7. Manuscript Creation (Rough Draft)
Our writer/editors will then take the transcription and use the text to create the manuscript of your book. Since the book is based on our interview with you, this ensures that the book has both the flavor and tone of your voice. You will then get to read this draft to ensure the content and flow of the book is what we’re looking for.

8. Edit, Correct and Polish
The manuscript then undergoes a strenuous revision process, with your input, to incorporate missing material, make corrections and polish the overall style and readability of the book.

We find that these are the steps that result in the best book possible for your business. You’ll see, however, that most of the heavy lifting is done by our team and not by you! Our clients find it comforting to know that they can deliver their knowledge and move on to other important work in their business knowing that the book is still happening under the guidance of experts.

Book Editing Services

Manuscript Editing Image
If you have already completed your manuscript, we offer book editing where we work with you to prepare the manuscript for publishing. This is editing done with an eye towards content and style.

Pricing for this service depends on the size and scope of the project. To schedule a consultation, please email